A child's hand being held by an adults hand



In early 2011 community agency representatives of the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) accreditation standards responded to the unique needs and conditions in the region to create a hospital-based Child Advocacy Center. Four community partners, including Clifford Beers Clinic, Rape Crisis Center of Milford, Yale University School of Medicine, and Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, developed a unique collaborative approach to apply as one center for accreditation from NCA. The South Central Child Advocacy Center was awarded accreditation from NCA in November 2012. The South Central Child Advocacy Center (SCCAC) is comprised of the Ansonia/Milford and New Haven Multidisciplinary Teams and a child-friendly facility that provides forensic interviews and medical evaluations.


To provide a comprehensive, culturally competent, multidisciplinary team response to maltreated children and their families.


To lessen the trauma for and accelerate the healing of children who have experienced sexual and physical abuse in the South Central region.