A child and an adult both wearing rain boots walking on the sidewalk after a rainstorm


At the conclusion of a child’s visit to the Yale Child Sexual Abuse Clinic a child is offered a referral to mental health treatment. If the child is already in treatment, the Forensic Interviewer will assess whether that level of treatment is appropriate for the child after his/her disclosure or if a new referral needs to be completed.


The SCCAC offers an on-site mental health treatment called The Bridging Program.

The Bridging Program is a short-term mental health assessment and treatment program for children and families who have been impacted by sexual or severe physical abuse. Referrals to the Bridging Program are made following a forensic interview or medical exam at the Yale Child Sexual Abuse Clinic.

The Bridging Program is provided by two Clifford Beers Clinic clinicians (one bi-lingual) and is located at the Yale Child Sexual Abuse Clinic:

1 Long Wharf Drive, Suite 130
New Haven, CT 06511